Bree Halfneck

Halfling Inn-keeper in New Haven


STR:12 DEX:15 CON:9 WIS:11 INT:10 CHR:8 Wields a sling, has 12 kills in the last month alone. Lieutenant Captain of the New Haven Militia HP:54 AC:16 Equipment:Leather Armor, Ring of Protection +1, Light shield, sling, 20 bullets Reflex Defense:15 Fortitude Defense:14 Will Defense:11


Bree Halfneck came to the New World 4 years ago. She says she won a bet with a half-elf to give her ownership of The Purple Elf. She stays very quiet but when she does talk, she has a lot of very useful information. Her skills with the sling and short sword quickly brought her recognition in New Haven and within 6 months of winning the Purple Elf she was promoted to Lieutenant Captain of the New Haven Militia. Even though she holds a position in the army, she will not ever talk about the battles she was in, especially not the one in which Guyluran, the town elder, was slain. Bree wears only green colors because of her religion. Bree worships the goddess of nature but will not revel her name.

Bree Halfneck

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